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Visto | Video Stories for broadcasters

This is the new online buying platform for broadcasters with a large library of short-format video stories by ZoominTV.

Preview the videos, save them for later or add them to the shopping basket. Select the payment model that suits you most.

All the videos are available in three different formats – raw, clean and ready-to-publish.

Commission A Story

Marketplace for tailor-made video stories produced upon request. Join forces with like-minded broadcasters and production houses via Visto, put in an order for specialized footage and split the costs.

Watch out showreel to understand what Zoomin is all about

Our recent videos

Check out the recent videos and start making your story. With Visto you get access to thousands of events and stories.

ZoominTVStudios Slider: wildhitzzzz
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ZoominTVStudios Slider: haidressssss
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The Queen invites Liam Payne to the Palace
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Diddy talks being in love and fasting for Ramadan
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Did Jay Z’s lyrics reveal affair regret and ‘Becky’?
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Bella Hadid: ‘Ik ben aangekomen, maar dat is prima’
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10 games that literally broke our controllers
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‘Visage’, le digne descendant e Silent Hill ?
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